• Lyme Disease News Letter

    Lyme Disease News Letter

    Recent reports indicate Lyme disease continues to increase throughout Northeastern U.S.  

    Like blood tests for many other infectious diseases, the test for Lyme disease measures antibodies made by white blood cells in response to infection. It can take several weeks after infection for the body to produce sufficient antibodies to be detected. Therefore, patients tested during the first few weeks of illness will often test negative. In contrast, patients who have had Lyme disease for longer than 4-6 weeks, especially those with later stages of illness involving the brain or the joints, will almost always test positive. A patient who has been ill for months or years and has a negative test almost certainly does not have Lyme disease as the cause of their symptoms.

    Because all laboratory tests can sometimes give falsely positive results, it is important when faced with a positive result to consider the underlying likelihood that a patient has the disease. If a patient has not been in an area where Lyme disease is common or their symptoms are atypical, positive results are more likely to be false positives. Similarly, if a patient is tested numerous times and only rarely tests positive, it is likely

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  • HEALTH & AGING - “Movement with Aging”

    HEALTH & AGING - “Movement with Aging”

    As an older person, one of your greatest concerns is to maintain your “activities of daily living” (ADL). The ability to get up in the morning, take a shower, get dressed, take care of yourself and be active is very important for aging seniors. Back pain can be a significant challenge for those seniors looking to maintain their ADL.  

    One study found that chiropractic care for uncomplicated back pain can actually keep seniors more active longer. “The findings from this study suggest that chiropractic use in episodes of care for uncomplicated back conditions has protective effects against declines in ADLs, instrumental ADLs, and self-rated health for older Medicare beneficiaries over a 2-year period.”

    Mindful movement classes such as yoga or pool exercise classes are a safe and useful activity for our senior population.  Keep walking for exercise, this is very important to maintain your ability to ambulate.  


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  • Healthy Foods, Healthy Weight

    Healthy Foods, Healthy Weight

    In today’s United States, where food is abundant, affordable and irresistibly delicious, overweight and obesity are now an epidemic. And, as the epidemic keeps growing, weight loss and dieting have become major topics of conversations, media coverage and health care research. The secret to weight loss is simple: Consume fewer calories than the body uses. And any diet that limits caloric intake will do the trick. The problem is, when people go off the diet, they gain the weight right back. That happens because most diets require that we deprive ourselves of certain foods or food groups — and many can’t sustain this for long.

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  • Tips to Make Yard Work Pain Free

    Tips to Make Yard Work Pain Free

    The equipment available today for lawn and leaf management can help turn the average homeowner into a lawn specialist overnight. But the use of weed trimmers, leaf blowers and hedge clippers has also been sending aspiring landscapers to their local doctor of chiropractic.

    The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) warns that using this equipment can result in back and neck pain, as well as more serious muscular strains and tears if not used properly. “The repetitive motion that your body undergoes when using such equipment can bring on a whole host of mechanical problems within the body,” says Dr. Jerome McAndrews, a longtime ACA member. Read the whole article here...

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  • Fun Ways to Get Fit

    Fun Ways to Get Fit

    Eating healthy and exercising don’t have to be boring!  You can spice up nourishing snacks and get exercise without even realizing it with the following tips.

    Eating Right

    Let’s work our way up the food pyramid starting with grains. You should be eating about 6 oz. of grains every day—try to make at least half of them whole grains. This isn’t as bland as you may think. For breakfast, try whole-grain cereals like Cheerios or Raisin Bran or oatmeal. For snacks, munch on low-fat popcorn, and ask your mom to substitute brown rice for white rice at the dinner table. And remember, just because bread is brown doesn’t mean it’s whole grain. Take a look at the packaging to make sure it says “whole wheat” or “whole grain”—and check the label on the back to be sure it has at least 2g of fiber.

    Chiro-Associates of southern Massachusetts is an area leader in Chiropractic and wellness care. For more information please contact our offices in Abington, MA and in Norwell, MA. 

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  • Sciatica


    Sciatica describes persistent pain felt along the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back, down through the buttock, and into the lower leg. The sciatic nerve is the longest and widest nerve in the body, running from the lower back through the buttocks and down the back of each leg. It controls the muscles of the lower leg and provides sensation to the thighs, legs, and the soles of the feet.

    Although sciatica is a relatively common form of low-back and leg pain, the true meaning of the term is often misunderstood. Sciatica is actually a set of symptoms—not a diagnosis for what is irritating the nerve root and causing the pain.

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  • Healthy Spine

    The American Chiropractic Association has provided Chiro-Associates with some great tips for maintaining a healthy spine...

    A healthy spine is an often overlooked and essential part of a healthy lifestyle. People who suffer from back pain, particularly if it is long-term, are generally less healthy than those who do not. In fact, back pain costs are staggering not only financially, but also in terms of lost time from work and because of psychosocial problems that arise during the healing process associated with long-term back pain...

    Download the entire articel here...

    Chiro-Associates is a southern Massachusetts leader in advanced Chiropractic care. If you have never been to a chiropractor or if you are looking for a new clinic please Contact Us with any questions.

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